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  • Colin Charsley-Groffman
    Colin Charsley-Groffman

    for a New Mexican twist, try it with some Hatch Green Chiles, jack cheese and smother in red chile (chile colorado).

  • Jonathan Cervantes
    Jonathan Cervantes

    not sure if you read all these, but why dont you use serrano for mexican stuff. mexicans use serranos more than jalapenos.

  • Benjamín

    You can use toothpicks in the chiles so they dont split just remember to take them out before serving them

  • Angry_lumberjack77

    I love this with the cheese and chorizo in it

  • rpd

    Make food from One Piece!

  • Milagros Comas
    Milagros Comas

    If You really want a really flavorfull salsa put chipotle in it. Also put a little bit of salt while making the batter.

  • oogrooq

    Basic things, like your pizza oven.

  • XyAckhart

    Remember when you did the sims episode? This definitly seems like a "level 10" dish.

  • neomage2021

    Hatch green chiles also make excellent rellenos...mmm

  • Mr.GoldFarmer

    I would go to any restaurant where this voice narrates the menu

  • Josh Cooper
    Josh Cooper

    For the algorithm!!!

  • Vending Machine Bud
    Vending Machine Bud

    So happy you put cheese in them

  • MLT1998

    That’s not how we do it here in New Mexico…..

  • dashwood09

    My Mexican mom says it needs a side of red rice and caldo de jitomate:)

  • Trenton Garber
    Trenton Garber

    Awesome Andre!👍 Definitely making that dish this weekend! Tytytyty!🙂

  • Diana America Rivero
    Diana America Rivero

    Ay que fodonga, Señora Babish. No limpio bien los chiles, no le quito la pata, le dejo todas las semillas/pepitas, no colo la salsa, y ni siquiera la sazono bien. Translation: my inner Mexican mom is judging you.

  • Beau Nakamori
    Beau Nakamori

    So meringue in salsa soup?

  • Cody Childress
    Cody Childress

    Chiles Rellenos that are made from Chiles grown in Hatch, New Mexico... Hands down... The best. Gotta try them if you haven't

  • Red Otter Gaming
    Red Otter Gaming

    This was hard to watch

  • Ronald Barron
    Ronald Barron


  • Jared NoRestroom
    Jared NoRestroom

    One of my favorite things about babish is I never have to worry about him adding cilantro to something

  • eaven hagston
    eaven hagston

    gota love toping your food with soap 6:00

  • Ogis Kushas
    Ogis Kushas

    Now do the same, just with the ones from Regular Show

  • keeton foust
    keeton foust

    Hehe… jalapeño poppers

  • Adriana Castro
    Adriana Castro

    No, because this is a basic in Mexico

  • Adriana Castro
    Adriana Castro

    No, because this is a basic in Mexico

  • LENE Onme
    LENE Onme

    this was well made by a person whose genetic markers tell him that cilantro tastes like soap. bien hecho babish

  • Vaibhav Mishra
    Vaibhav Mishra

    The garlic cloves weren't smashed

  • Sergio Sandoval
    Sergio Sandoval

    Using toothpicks is accepted and actually required at least by Mexican standards I actually didn't believe the Chile would hold it's filling without them, but credit where credit is due, it's OG and awesome, and you can fill it with pretty much anything, my personal favorite being ground beef and chorizo, alongside the Oaxaca cheese, but this is nowhere near being a basic recipe in my opinion :D

  • Ariana Fox
    Ariana Fox

    Yes!!!!!! I have been wanting to make this from scratch! Looks super easy- thanks!

  • Charlie

    Extreme jalapeno poppers

  • Kuda Man
    Kuda Man

    If you don't remove all the seeds you don't know what you're doing.

  • Philip Poon
    Philip Poon

    Can you use Queso Fresco in place of the Oaxaca cheese? This episode isn't even considered basic by North American standards and it's more of an advanced stuffed pepper.

  • ScoitaMan662

    I bought your Knife the other day and its the best knife i ever bought, its even better than my Victorianox chef knife i got in school!!!

  • Andrew Mackemzie
    Andrew Mackemzie

    Disquieting. You nyers should stick 5o pizza.

  • Diacenco Stefan
    Diacenco Stefan

    Capital One sure seems like a *sweet* deal Wouldn't want to get into *sticky* situations regarding money It sure seems fast like a *bee* to get started

  • TurtleRunsSlow

    "cheelé reyenos"

  • shock1584

    If you lack a gas stove or pizza oven: a broiler set on high works. A cheap little portable charcoal grill with some scavenged sticks burning in it works even better.

  • Louise Reid
    Louise Reid

    "basics with babish" sure... basics...

  • Joselin M.
    Joselin M.

    We, in mexico tend to use toothpics to close the pepper back up and prevent the filling from spilling out.

  • percyengineproductions061

    could u do the summer sundae from Thomas and the magic railroad plz?

  • Yummy Spaghetti Noodles
    Yummy Spaghetti Noodles

    6:05 The fly got to it before you did

  • UrBestyEste

    bug on the plate at 6:07

  • Lebibick

    Love the dish hate the sauce I can't do the sauce gotta have it dry

  • Nathan Eldridge
    Nathan Eldridge

    Meanwhile the way I grew up it was pretty much just cheese stuffed green chile sometimes with red as the sauce

  • Amber Henderson
    Amber Henderson

    Yeeessss! Great basic Texan cooking right here. Great video!

  • dofbg

    Man....You followed every single step my Mom use.... I'm proud of You 🥺

  • Connie Villegas
    Connie Villegas

    I don't know why I always have trouble making the frothy egg whites mixture it's watery instead of foamy ☹️

  • Chili Wonka
    Chili Wonka

    My Mexican gf says no

  • Christian Brillante
    Christian Brillante

    unless its hatch green chile its not rellenos...

  • Josh Moran
    Josh Moran

    ad ends @0:24

  • Agnes PN
    Agnes PN

    As an European, I am bursting with jealousy! "Wildly available poblano" - forget it! "oaxaca cheese" - forget it! Americans has all those ingredients that we only can dream about :/ But not complaining to much... because it's bad to do so...* *Lucky Americans!!!!

  • Nicholas Chan
    Nicholas Chan

    Was that black smoosh on the right the bug that was on the plate from one of the final shots?

  • WickkeDkk Ways
    WickkeDkk Ways

    Almost unsubscribed when I saw some other guy on here

  • Ty Robertson
    Ty Robertson

    Solid recipe. Pretty bad technique when it came to stuffing your chiles.

  • Danny Martin
    Danny Martin

    homemade fig newtons

  • Boabuín

    3:01 That bounce tho

  • Junior Saldana
    Junior Saldana

    Bro you forgot to add 2 more jalapenos

  • John Janczy
    John Janczy

    If you want to go really nuts, stuff a breakfast burrito with your rellenos. Don't forget to smother them with green chili

  • witchvideofly

    Use a pair of kitchen scissors to make a cut under the stem. I cut right through the seed cap.

  • Joseph Caruso
    Joseph Caruso

    Binging with Babish Culinary Universe.

  • avenuepotassium

    New Mexico green chiles are best for rellenos. But I guess poblanos are okay.

  • Dustin Worthington
    Dustin Worthington

    I dont have gas anything, much less a pizza oven. Y'think a charcoal grill would work for roasting the peppers?

  • Natalia Trejo
    Natalia Trejo

    Sí te salieron. 👍🏽

  • Kimmy Cassie
    Kimmy Cassie

    I've learned that subs appear in babish's vids at abt 5 days(?) from posting

  • David Turner
    David Turner

    Few things more uncomfortable than inadvertently peppering your nuts

  • oleg jablonsky
    oleg jablonsky

    Babish: implies a BASIC recipe Also Babish: begins with charring vegs on something that looks like a byproduct of space engineering I am sorry, babish, but that's it for me. I very much liked your old basic cooking videos but this channel is clearly not anymore about what is easy or basic. So long.

  • Antonio Vivaldi
    Antonio Vivaldi

    You should do the biscuits from Ted Lasso

  • Pooolj

    i rarely see Oaxaca cheese on chiles rellenos, the most common i see is panela cheese might be a regional thing but that's the case for me

  • TheGreen627

    Are we just gonna ignore that little creature walking over the bottom part of the plate at 6:05 ^^

  • Beating Hooves
    Beating Hooves

    Can us ppl with an electric stove and no pizza oven blister the veg/peppers on a cast iron or in the oven?

  • Dillon Cain
    Dillon Cain

    at 2:25 when he says "Green Peppers" he means "green BELL peppers"

  • thetannedcalf

    Ok. Stop. Rellenos should be made with hatch green chiles. No exceptions. Ever. We keep a select group of chiles from the firing specifically for rellenos. Poblano are not a substitution for this. Poblanos are for taste in bigger dishes, not to be consumed on their own

  • Christopher Domenichelli
    Christopher Domenichelli

    Yooo you should try making something from spam, could be entertaining :))

  • Jay Winner
    Jay Winner

    This "basics" recipe is so much more complicated and time consuming than I'd be willing to do.

  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan

    Basics with babish has left ‘basic’ behind. A pizza oven? For real? Use equipment everybody has

  • Alex B
    Alex B

    Is this going to be a Botched by Babish episode later?

  • Alfonso Lara
    Alfonso Lara

    No, that's not how you pronounce it

  • Jonathan Cháirez
    Jonathan Cháirez

    Para quitar la piel puedes usar una bolsa de plástico en lugar de un tazón con tapa

  • WOLFDawg 606
    WOLFDawg 606

    Honey: Only takes two clicks Chadpital one: Only takes one click

  • Daniel Tong
    Daniel Tong

    Spanish is not for Babish, clearly.😂

  • Johnny Casteel
    Johnny Casteel

    To me it’s parsley is the one that tastes like soap

  • Flying Sandals
    Flying Sandals

    Have you ever watched malcolm in the middle? Can you make the food reese made? For thanksgiving

  • Diet Fish
    Diet Fish

    Bring back Sohla!

  • Diet Fish
    Diet Fish

    Bring back Sohla!

  • Diet Fish
    Diet Fish

    Bring back Sohla!

  • Diet Fish
    Diet Fish

    Bring back Sohla!

  • Diet Fish
    Diet Fish

    Bring back Sohla!

  • Diet Fish
    Diet Fish

    Bring back Sohla!

  • Diet Fish
    Diet Fish

    Bring back SOHLA

  • Diet Fish
    Diet Fish

    Bring back SOHLA

  • Diet Fish
    Diet Fish

    Bring back SOHLA

  • Cpt Towle
    Cpt Towle

    babish can you make asunas sandwich from sword art online?

  • Sophie Miller
    Sophie Miller


  • Kiwi Kunn
    Kiwi Kunn

    Can you make the Suspicous Spaghetti from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable? Its Tonio's Spaghetti

  • Drumple Thunder
    Drumple Thunder

    My grandma and my mom bake these after the batter because frying makes a mess. PS that batter is way too fancy for this dish all my grandma does is beat the eggs and then coats the chile with it

  • Eric White
    Eric White

    You should make some New Mexican cuisine sometime

  • Kactuskid7

    Hatch Green Chile has entered the chat…

  • lazlochatter

    This is like the least “basic” Basics dish, but it still looks delicious.

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez

    I've got some pro tips to help make your rellenos easier and add an extra layer of texture if you're interested