Binging with Babish: Pork Picnic from Regular Show
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This week, we're headed back to the not-so-regular-world of Regular Show. The Pork Picnic Sandwich presents not only the opportunity to live like a VIP, but to enjoy the sweltering summer heat while smoking some big ol' joints of pork for 16 hours! Let's put the grilled cheese deluxe to shame.


Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free

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  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary Universe

    I MIXED UP NORTH AND SOUTH CAROLINA STYLE. It was nice knowing you guys.

    • Karsenic 64
      Karsenic 64

      It ok. I work at A bbq joint in NC that serves both Nc vinegar and SC mustard styles along with Kansas City sweet and bama white sauce. You’ve been forgiven but be careful in the future 👌

    • Blu Flame
      Blu Flame

      You've done alot for us so on account of all southerns I think we can let you slide just this once

    • zach craig
      zach craig

      Davidson, NC now has you targeted

    • runicalphadylan RAD
      runicalphadylan RAD

      It was an honour having you as background sounds

    • AyiyiLoveYou

      Botched with Babish time

  • WompusSlompus

    We demand a redo

  • Hooded Raire
    Hooded Raire

    The two olives reminds me of the evil sandwich from Wander over Yonder

  • sergeant frog, commenter legend
    sergeant frog, commenter legend

    Is it me, or how come Regular Show has the most meat/delicious-sounding meals here on this channel?

  • matrixgaming

    yo have a sexy bald head sir

  • Moose Young
    Moose Young

    I'm at least glad Carolina is being represented by the proper style, though it's the wrong Carolina

  • Save Them Minigame
    Save Them Minigame

    Why is the Alabama sauce white? That seems like a red flag.

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera

    Jesus Christ, no wonder you guys have a diabetes epidemic, seeing how much sugar you put in even non-dessert foods . Love your channel

  • Mike Wood
    Mike Wood

    The Traeger- Quite literally the best smoker in the usa

  • Reason4Grieving

    I tried the vinegar pork recipe and it’s the only recipe I need from now on

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson

    As someone from and still lives in Alabama, especially near where white sauce was invented, white sauce is for chicken. Yes its ok on pork but its for smoked chicken.


    I can just imagine the neighborhood all coming by your place everyday wanting free food.

  • ZeroFox75

    Botched with Babish redemption? That way he can set foot in North/South Carolina in the future without fear of being chased out of town with pitch forks

  • cottenmouthsnake

    How does he keep the pans so clean!? I have baked on oil in the outside of all my pans and I think you would need a buffing wheel to get them off

    • Katie Eberle
      Katie Eberle

      I've used the Bar Keepers Friend cleaner pretty reliably on cooked-on stains, but you do have to keep up with cleaning regularly or they become really difficult to remove

  • Matthew Daye
    Matthew Daye

    Sounds hot!

  • Omega Knight 64
    Omega Knight 64

    The fact they sold a cheese less sandwich at a grilled cheese store doesn't make any sense

  • Cool BlueHedgie
    Cool BlueHedgie

    I'm just glad that when Andrew makes mistakes like these, people don't attack him, but joke along. That's the positivity we need.

  • Sarfann Guit
    Sarfann Guit

    cool, i will taste the salat ;)

  • Grindminion

    Not me hearing the waitress talk and hearing Miss Minutes

  • Andrej

    Everybody: Surfaces Babish: *Surfaseas*

  • Carrie Lee
    Carrie Lee

    SC has 3 different bbq styles, NC has at least 2. As a South Carolinian who attends college in NC, I have absolutely no clue what other states define our barbecues as being. SC: -mountain/foothills= tomato base -Columbia= mustard base -swamp/ beach area= spicy vinegar base

  • Iguy

    Yeah, they sure love their "white sauce" in alabama.

  • Nick Cull
    Nick Cull

    You had me till SOUTH Carolina.. 🤣

  • Ricardo Ceia
    Ricardo Ceia

    The ultimate haram sandwich

  • Geer Prutzman
    Geer Prutzman

    I've seen a few people say it already but white sauce is generally ate with smoked chicken.

  • JiaKK

    "White sauce" out of context sounds weird lol

  • Scott Till
    Scott Till

    Somewhere I hear Muscle Man yelling "woooooooooo" with his shirt off...

  • Noah Dondero
    Noah Dondero

    I’m from VA and him mixing up SC and NC even upset me

  • -Frosty Fire-
    -Frosty Fire-


  • Kim McConnell
    Kim McConnell

    In our house we call it, Woostah-sheer-shire shauce.

  • ThatGrumpyChick

    Babish: makes a mistake North and South Carolina: so you've chosen death

  • Sam Bread
    Sam Bread

    I got a ad with babish in it before this!

  • Okuyasu Nijimura (Yasu the MadLad)
    Okuyasu Nijimura (Yasu the MadLad)

    One question for Butcher box, do they also deliver to Germany?

  • baggettaboutit

    As soon as he put the olives on I wanted to tell him to put the freakin sandwich down

  • Blake Geometrio
    Blake Geometrio

    All these Carolinians in the comments... I'm trying to find the Memphians!

  • storm greenway
    storm greenway

    If you ever want some Kansas City style BBQ I’ve got a ton of recommendations. Come out to KC and do a mini-series called BBQ with Babish

  • The Oasis
    The Oasis

    Carolinans: Angry over the mixture of two different types of pork Me from california: *FOOD IS FOOD*

  • jovi_al

    Thanks for the episode!

  • Jack Womack
    Jack Womack

    Why would you put Kansas City style barbecue sauce, which is meant for beef, on Memphis style pulled pork? I don't understand. I don't understand!

  • bethetroubleyouwant

    Do Candy Pie by The Aquabats

  • The Architect
    The Architect

    North and south Carolinans: ripping each other throats out Texans: amateurs

  • Brian Allen
    Brian Allen

    How is andrew such a pro chef like top tier youtuber chef but he cant say Worcestershire sauce😭

  • rambo0445

    Immediately annoyed as a North Carolinian by his mislabeling of our barbecue, but I can see my people have already showed him the error of his ways.

  • Jennifer Ellison
    Jennifer Ellison

    (fifty years in the future in a crumbling, war-torn school house, a teacher speaks) Teacher: And now class, we're going to learn about the rebirth of the civil war, which erupted curiously only in the eastern hemisphere of the United States as a direct result of some ding bat deliberately mixing up Northern and Southern barbecue styles into a sandwich Class: (a collective gasp of horror)

  • Ryan Linkous
    Ryan Linkous

    Alabama White Sauce is properly eaten with smoked chicken rather than pulled park.

  • InnocentGuillotine

    I'm not mad about the north-south mixup, I'm mad about your captioner thinking that Carolina and California are the same

  • Hunter Jackson
    Hunter Jackson

    To all the mustard based sauce lovers I wont forget about you

  • Ridhima Bhatnagar
    Ridhima Bhatnagar

    He made American type wala rajma 😂

  • Retard ED
    Retard ED

    May we all pray for our brother babish🙏

  • Combat Ineffective
    Combat Ineffective

    I wonder if you could do an episode on the diablo sammich from Smokey and the Bandit.

  • Nidhi Narendra
    Nidhi Narendra

    This episode is definitely gonna be on Botched by Babish 😂

  • Andy P
    Andy P

    I love that you toast only the inside of your bread. Smart man.

  • Damon Pilk
    Damon Pilk

    I have been saving this recipe for a few weeks. We finally tried out all three styles for a party last weekend and everyone loved it!

  • Alex Craig
    Alex Craig

    This episode hurt me....

  • perry akers
    perry akers

    Hey did anyone try the Alabama white sauce and say "why does this taste like ranch?" Cause my gf and I tried that this weekend and it tastes like ranch to me. Does Alabamians know that ranch is already a thing?

  • Braden DeWitt
    Braden DeWitt

    Bacon for life... that you have to pay for monthly so its not really special... at all, you're literally just buying bacon 🤣🤣🤣

  • George Salisbury
    George Salisbury

    When can we expect a recreation of the foods from Close Enough?

  • ryan k
    ryan k

    You gotta use Texas Pete's hot sauce

  • Manners03

    I know there's no real replacement for it, but what if I don't have a smoker?

  • Ikay Otrof
    Ikay Otrof

    Me, a muslim: I N T E R E S T I N G

  • Fresh Spoons
    Fresh Spoons

    6:32 Microphone Error

  • Sure, Indubitably!
    Sure, Indubitably!

    I love how he still mispronounces worcestershire sauce and say it as Worshsr 😂😂

  • Larroe Review
    Larroe Review

    Memphis bbq beats every body bbq

  • NS A
    NS A

    That Alabama white sauce looks rough -

  • mirrorsedgy

    why does a bbq sauce NEED to be sweet?, never understood that, in my opinion it washes away some flavours you've put in the meat and the sauce

  • CC

    No Texas BBQ? Kinda cringe

  • Sad Frog
    Sad Frog

    I find it a little ironic and funny that Alabama’s sauce is white unlike most other barbecue sauces which are usually a brownish color idk something To think about lol

  • Elias Korf
    Elias Korf

    I love being European in comment sections like this

  • King Max
    King Max

    Ofc Alabama is just salt and pepper 😂

  • epicnamenotyetfound

    Teletubbies toast and custard!

  • Gerald Tumbel
    Gerald Tumbel

    episode ??

  • The Count
    The Count

    I've been waiting this for a long time. THANK YOU BABISH CULINARY UNIVERSE

  • Samuel P
    Samuel P

    A pulled pork 3-way sounds pretty hot!

  • unsocialised and scary cat
    unsocialised and scary cat

    Can you make the every way sardines from cloudy with a chance of meatballs, pls

  • Goji Tsar
    Goji Tsar

    Day 43 of asking Babish for Big Smoke’s Order.

  • Jack McMurray
    Jack McMurray

    "What sets the South Carolina a vinegar based mob sauce" And this kids is where North Carolina assassinated Babish

  • William Hart
    William Hart

    White sauce is only for chicken!!!!!!

  • Jaymes Graham
    Jaymes Graham

    This pulled pork has no soul. Nice sauce though.

  • 97MELV

    Gut-Buster from Malcolm In The Middle s1 ep 13. Trust me.

  • Jaccob Browder
    Jaccob Browder

    How dare you mix up my states style with North Carolina’s style

  • Jacob McHugh
    Jacob McHugh

    You should do the "96er" from "The Great Outdoors"

  • joegt123

    And there's sugar in all of them... Pass

  • John Langer
    John Langer

    Something unsettling about the fact that white sauce comes from Alabama 😂

    • NBR

      Unsettling, yet not at all surprising

  • Austin Whitley
    Austin Whitley

    I’m proud of anyone who uses a vinegar based sauce on pulled pork(bbq as we call it) that’s where it truly belongs

  • atlastanatlas

    I am immediately wondering how much of cartoon network's budget is financed by the pork lobby

  • Random guy
    Random guy

    Make a Scooby-Doo Sandwich please.

  • Omar Amr
    Omar Amr

    did you just say your "wet stuff"?

  • Dixie Rose
    Dixie Rose

    The alabama white sauce is usually just ate on chicken

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    I thought it said "pulled pork three-way" and now I'm much less excited

  • Rayn K
    Rayn K

    That's a north carolina style pulled pork. In SC, we use a mustard based sauce hahaha

  • Ryan Neuerer
    Ryan Neuerer

    I need this sandwich in my life

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      You should try the “Krabby Newburg” from the Spongebob Episode “Squilliam returns”

  • MugenFanatic


  • Wytse Wolf
    Wytse Wolf

    Tenderest, juiciest, pulliest appartiest, porkiest 😂

  • Hilary Anne Osborn
    Hilary Anne Osborn

    I love your channel! Can you make the gazpacho from I Think You Should Leave?

  • Isaac Sevigny
    Isaac Sevigny

    I am a North Carolinian and knowing the people around here I recommend you run and or hide lol.

  • lucia rose
    lucia rose

    I desperately need to see him make wild boar by toutatis from asterix and obelix

  • The Real Calixto
    The Real Calixto

    Baby back ribs from Norbit need to happen 🤣 idk what Katt Williams said but it was a lot

  • av0cad0

    Can you make the drug scones from Derry Girls? Without the drugs obviously

  • happy

    What other regular show/ adventure time Foods has he not done?

  • Brandon Lindsey
    Brandon Lindsey

    It really aint hard. Carolina bbq sauce needs mustard. Its called Carolina GOLD sauce for a reason. The gold. The mustard is the gold. I lived in nc for 10 years and never heard of "vinegar based sauce". Vinegar might be in there. But idk where people got the idea that it was like the main thing in the sauce.

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4,1 milj.
met gala
4,1 milj.