Binging with Babish: Meg's Dinner from Family Guy
This week, we're headed back to Quahog (named after a type of clam!) for a decidedly domestic dinner prepared by Family Guy's familial punching bag, Meg Griffin. In a rare turn of events, everyone's left speechless as Meg effortlessly prepares a delicious, nutritious dinner for her incredulous parents. Let's see how it tastes as we make up the entire recipe!


Music: "GOMO" by Broke for Free

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  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary Universe

    Fun fact: I ate a brownie when I started doing voice-over to see if I could finish before it kicked in. Which is why Sir David Attenborough came by, I think.

    • SqueakerDoesGaming


    • ivyie !
      ivyie !


    • Jesseca Alvarez-Kuykendall
      Jesseca Alvarez-Kuykendall

      Oh, you mean a "brownie." Got it.

    • photondebuger45

      Sounded like vegeta… like tfs vegeta….. I liked it too tho

    • leech

      @higgy 🤔

  • Icy

    Hey loius

  • chica chica
    chica chica

    The Casserole Victor Baxter made on That's So Raven, Chelsea & Eddie kept eating it when they weren't supposed to..

  • Eloiza Galon
    Eloiza Galon

    Please make Meemaw's brisket from Young Sheldon!

  • muri ella
    muri ella

    This is an "easy to prepare" dinner?!

  • Motherdome

    Shut up meg

  • rpd

    Make food from One Piece!

  • Sean Anonymous
    Sean Anonymous

    Shut up meg

  • David Pumpkini
    David Pumpkini

    He does Meg but not Cartman's burger?

  • pedro santiago
    pedro santiago

    Bro... its is even cuscuz???? You do not even use a cuscuz pan or something to try do in a simillar way

    • pedro santiago
      pedro santiago

      But i Love your videos... its just i'm brasillian so i just dont can stop me to say that

  • Gatr

    Your David Attenborough sounds more like Vegeta tbh lol



  • 🌺Lord of all Binods🌺
    🌺Lord of all Binods🌺

    Babish sounds like Brian....

  • zeta prime
    zeta prime

    Thank you

  • DSkatyusha

    I don't like rare food XD not even stake

  • D e v i o u s • D e v i l
    D e v i o u s • D e v i l

    I’ve been looking for this! Yes!!!! 👏

  • UltraIsaiah Everything
    UltraIsaiah Everything

    my mans babish roasted the griffins 💀

  • UltraIsaiah Everything
    UltraIsaiah Everything


  • fishy


  • Jesseca Alvarez-Kuykendall
    Jesseca Alvarez-Kuykendall

    Liked the video after the ending line. Thank you for giving Meg a chance, because no one ever does.

  • Jaidyn

    Please do some of the dishes that the try guys made in their without a recipe series!

  • joshua dustyhorn
    joshua dustyhorn

    Mmmmmmm that lava cake 👌

  • Ashley H
    Ashley H

    You should do recipes from Stardew Valley

  • I'am who I'am
    I'am who I'am


  • I'am who I'am
    I'am who I'am


  • Erin Quincy
    Erin Quincy

    A Babish commercial in front of a Babish vid lol

  • Luke Tabois
    Luke Tabois

    Does the chocolate not just sink to the bottom of the tin?

  • StickySauce101

    says a lot about modern Family Guy when Stewie, who is meant to be the evil one, is now the kindest of the main cast.

  • PyroClaymore

    *0:10* Stewie being an actually decent human being, without Brian.

  • Jason Lazar
    Jason Lazar

    Where does the spatula go at 1:25?

  • Pastel Strawberry
    Pastel Strawberry

    This looks amazing, but I do not like cous cous or raw vegetables so I don't think this is for me 😂

  • LITB_Not Daily
    LITB_Not Daily

    Can you make a petes bread sandwich also from family guy. I'm guessing you should make the middle slice of bread flavored or something.

  • jvvn

    I love how every comment is about Meg and not even the recipe 😂

  • CCCP_doggos

    Bad Meg get off the furniture

  • Dan Macho
    Dan Macho

    Mixing with Meg.

  • SSG Gaming
    SSG Gaming

    Unrelated but I feel that lava cake should be called magma cake.

  • JamsKPolk

    In what universe is this a "weeknight dinner" though?

  • TopgunProductions

    which episode was the tiramisu?

  • Patchwork The Dragon
    Patchwork The Dragon

    My sister thinks she's like Meg except her cooking gave us food poisoning and ruined a $50 bag of dry rub by putting olive oil in it.

  • Pilot

    Never could’ve guessed Babish partook in edibles, I guess that explains why he cooks so much.

  • Calisota WGPR
    Calisota WGPR

    you sure its supposed to be black sesame and not black cumin? they look very similar but taste different and black cumin is used a lot in the mid-east kitchen frequently

  • C.I.A.

    As a moroccan, Jesus that cous cous doesn't look right

  • Tabitha Akers
    Tabitha Akers

    I got more Ollivander "curious" vibes than David Attenborough 😂

  • The Random Guy
    The Random Guy

    I was convinced that there were two babish cooking seperately

  • Nissisaurus

    Your voice lulled my cat into a purrfect sleep! And this looks delish.

  • Dinosaurprince

    Raw fish? Shut up Meg. I’m going to the clam.

  • Benjamin Torres
    Benjamin Torres

    I think you can mince the tuna and make a tuna ceviche and cure the tuna first and drain the like juice to about 25% solid to liquid then add the remaining ingredients

  • Lando Calrissian
    Lando Calrissian

    Seth MacFarlane should see this.

  • 2LiveNDie LA
    2LiveNDie LA

    Family guy is cringe now

  • LordEmberPants

    Shut up meg

  • Cam

    Shut up, Meg

  • AS

    Meg has always been my favourite. I only watch this show for her.

  • Liam Roberts
    Liam Roberts


  • Tom Kian
    Tom Kian

    Do the every pizza place salad

  • Daniel

    1:26 did you eat that spatula

  • Sebastian Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez

    Laffy taffy

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin

    🙂 Her real name is Megatron.

  • Pior ouvinte do Valdir
    Pior ouvinte do Valdir

    Didn't knew americans were aware that cuscuz is a thing...

  • Renan Neto
    Renan Neto

    I love how Babish says Cuscuz

  • Enton Duck
    Enton Duck

    SHUT UP MEG ~Peter Griffin

  • NotTheFeds

    The avocado probably helped to keep everything together once you take a bote


    Babish who let you back in to the house

  • Sam555

    I... Was just thinking about it this morning. I didn't say it out loud, I didn't even mention it... Meh. *takes notes*

  • Alaina Sabrina
    Alaina Sabrina

    Colors seem brighter when you're around.

  • The FNaF Plush Show!
    The FNaF Plush Show!

    "My mobile telephone"

  • Drew Cowan
    Drew Cowan

    Who are you to define the relationship between that heavy cream and chocolate.

  • Alex Soliz
    Alex Soliz

    Tostadas aren't cups

  • Chase

    4:49 *half falls through the grates*

  • Pumpkin Cappuccino
    Pumpkin Cappuccino

    snap* snap* CAKE

  • Nunya Bussiness
    Nunya Bussiness

    Why did you turn the tostadas into thin sopes?

  • Frederick

    Shut up meg

  • Boyce Ma
    Boyce Ma

    Man has his own ad on his own video

  • Alicia’s Blade
    Alicia’s Blade


  • oyasumii

    "Meg... who let you back in the house?"

  • Bapon RS
    Bapon RS

    I still dnt knw why she is a joke for the show.😒

  • hansdietrich83

    A yes, Neutral. My favorite Oil Plant

  • awesomo9

    I've always fantasized about this dinner 🍽️

  • bob bobppeidic
    bob bobppeidic

    I litterally got ad about big change with babish in it lol

  • Hazl

    I don't want to be that person but that's...that's not couscous andrew

  • Covodex

    *shut up, meg.*

  • Hulk2k6

    That Shut Lois UP. And she DESERVED it!

  • KitsuneNoMeiji

    Why do I do this to myself?

  • Hendrix King
    Hendrix King

    Shut up meg

  • Petrichor Weather
    Petrichor Weather

    Meg and i are two gals in an insufferable family

  • hallax

    S9E13, for anyone wondering.

  • Nakki_Boii

    Ew... Meg

  • Cory Putnam
    Cory Putnam

    “Relatively easy to prepare weeknight dinner.”

  • ĥĕłľø ťĥąŕé
    ĥĕłľø ťĥąŕé

    Are you using kosher salt in some of your resipes to keep them kosher ?

  • Tha chocolate god
    Tha chocolate god

    Wait.... Andrew,who let you back in the house?

  • zach way
    zach way

    Dude made the saddest couscous ever

  • Souvagya Rout
    Souvagya Rout

    For those who like watching cooking channels similar to Binging with Babish,have a look at Simple Cookery a small cooking channel on FIbill

  • tsukishima Kei
    tsukishima Kei

    I love rare tuna but i don’t know if its safe

  • Kim Beverly Villalobos
    Kim Beverly Villalobos

    He means speed running Meg's dinner

  • ECL28E

    I'm honstly sick of the "shut up Meg" jokes. It stopped being funny years ago

    • noahblanco

      Shut up meg

    • Otto Hartmann
      Otto Hartmann

      shut up meg

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn

    Has anyone ever told you, you're like the Walter White of cooking? Because you seriously are.

  • Leviatiem

    She's allergic to peanut oil but coooool

  • Brian Percival Wolfric Aberforth Snape
    Brian Percival Wolfric Aberforth Snape

    Pro tip guys: always go for the plain Meg type. Best wife you’re ever gonna find.

  • Ashley Hanks
    Ashley Hanks

    That was supposed to be Sir David Attenborough, but all I could hear was TFS Vegeta 😂

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown


  • Hydrus

    Shut up Meg