Binging with Babish: Meat-Ghetti & Spag-Balls from American Dad
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This week, we're revisiting the fanciful mind of Seth MacFarlane (my doppelgänger before I shaved my head and grew a beard) and taking a look at Meat-Ghetti and Spag-Balls from American Dad. Is there any way to make this recipe actually work? Turns out, no - but maybe you can. Make your best version of this dish, take a picture, tag me on instagram with and the winner of my choosing will get a cutting board, rolling pin, and pair of tiny whisks!


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  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary Universe

    Cutting boards and rolling pins were accidentally listed as out of stock briefly, they're back!

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    • Kryptic

      LIES! I could find them :(

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      👉Mark_fx_trade On telegram👈

      Hello friend 🖐️

    • chelsea thackston
      chelsea thackston


    • Shawn Smith
      Shawn Smith

      I sent my Italian friend a screenshot of that thumbnail. He said: "That is a disgrace."

  • UnknownCreature-006

    Dab while sneezing for food safety XD

  • Josh Robert Hernandez Facundo
    Josh Robert Hernandez Facundo

    *Thank you so much. I love this dumb and mad recipe idea!!!*

  • Luke Certain
    Luke Certain

    I already think I have a workaround. Knowing the spagh balls probably should have been more like dumplings, and the meat ghetti being sausage links of some kind.

  • ThePillowPuncher

    It should be pronounced me-etti and speget- balls

  • diego buscaglia
    diego buscaglia

    Confused italian noises

  • Ariadne404

    Pulled pork and gnocchi.

  • Lobelia Sandybanks
    Lobelia Sandybanks

    Pre-chewed cat food 😆😆😆😆

  • CrimsonDragoon

    That's Irony

  • Hermit

    Be quiet about big bucks or AOC gonna get you.

  • Gloria Lastra
    Gloria Lastra

    will this be on a botched ??

  • Tom8thepie

    In an alternate universe this video would be about how to make spaghetti and meatballs.

  • DharcSlayerOfficial


  • a far out super hip swinging swing drum solo
    a far out super hip swinging swing drum solo

    Spab galls

  • Elias Oliver
    Elias Oliver

    I dont know what irony is

  • otep kun
    otep kun

    Italians be like:MAMA MIA INTENSIFIES

  • InkzDJ

    I'm a little late to the party but if you wanna "spiralise" awkward foods try sticking a skewer through the middle and cutting the spiral with a knife, the skewer helps not to cut all the way through!

  • BLeeA

    mama mia...

  • Adrian Contreras
    Adrian Contreras

    This episode was co-written by ysac

  • Bing Bing
    Bing Bing

    I would wrap a tomato inside the spag-ball

  • Bloo Man
    Bloo Man

    Ok now make borgir.

  • Sandra Gustafsson
    Sandra Gustafsson


  • Francesco Romano Dell'Anna
    Francesco Romano Dell'Anna

    I’m Italian. I just showed this to my grandma. She died.

  • Anonymous_UwU_YT

    irony !

  • Koplopbop The Catsikune
    Koplopbop The Catsikune

    TBH, us British call it spagball (spagbol) already

  • dorian alston
    dorian alston

    you don't cut the spag balls open. you grab them And bite em

  • NoSleepLost

    Spag-balls 😂

  • Mekeninzo

    Did you make sure to undercook it too?

  • Yonada

    I'm thinking you should have seared the meat before cutting it.

  • Macy Townley
    Macy Townley

    Make the Mondo Butter from Danganronpa

  • Undead Will
    Undead Will

    Why not cut skirt steak with dumplings.

  • FireBolt

    I made my own i put the meatghetti into a patty form and I make my spag balls into a bun form I call it a hamburger

  • ĐƏMĪ_NotTooBright :/
    ĐƏMĪ_NotTooBright :/

    That's irony

  • Content Rusty A.K.A Dr Lokovec
    Content Rusty A.K.A Dr Lokovec

    I was a person that lives in next to the Italian border this is sacrilegious. You cannot change the perfection made by the Italians

  • TheTrueVolt

    Why not convert the spag balls into pasta chip balls and ground beef is ground beef idk what u can change for that

  • Jordan haggard
    Jordan haggard

    “It tastes like pre-chewed cat food” 😂😂😭 How does one know what cat food taste like especially pre chewed 🤢😂☠️

  • Atomsk29

    No one talking about how he says ore-gone-o?

  • Bridgett Fisher
    Bridgett Fisher

    This is horrible

  • No name G
    No name G

    It would be really cool if you did a version of spaghetti tacos they were introduced on the Nickelodeon show Icarly

  • GrandMasterApple

    I would eat the spag balls, and not the meatghetti

  • Teckedout Of date!
    Teckedout Of date!


  • Casper McGoangle
    Casper McGoangle

    I hate this thank you for making it

  • _YoshiVolts_ 115
    _YoshiVolts_ 115

    "spag-balls" sounds like a disease

  • Lucy B
    Lucy B

    @Please. My Wets

  • Alistair Ong
    Alistair Ong


  • abiwii16

    Isnt Haley vegetarian?

  • JohnsFire

    Guys am i high or does it say meat ghetti and spag ball

  • pieman1019

    You shouldve just used a play doh press with the meatball mix to make the meat ghetti

  • pieman1019

    You shouldve just used a play doh press with the meatball mix to make the meat ghetti

  • Jw_Nk 0999
    Jw_Nk 0999


  • Lucas C.
    Lucas C.

    The meat-ghetti here looks like cat food

  • Magpie Baker
    Magpie Baker

    That could have kept a small village alive for a year!!!!......

  • bubblesome

    All I have to say is *delete this*

  • Adam Oliphant
    Adam Oliphant

    Sounds like gnocchi and sliced braciole to me.

  • alex state
    alex state

    Italians will not like this video for many reasons

  • Peepeepoopoo28 or chicken noodles 55 the 3rd
    Peepeepoopoo28 or chicken noodles 55 the 3rd

    Yes it is

  • schkodi

    I think it’s irony. Do you find this comment ironic?

  • Moonless

    I thought this was just an edit

  • Taha Maaroufi
    Taha Maaroufi

    italians:*loads shotgun*"i just wanna talk with him"

  • Rameses Juarez Reyez
    Rameses Juarez Reyez

    Who won

  • Mason Daubenmire
    Mason Daubenmire

    You should have made smaller, bite sized pasta balls

  • The Egg butcher
    The Egg butcher

    I almost threw up watching this video bro

  • Bird Dale
    Bird Dale

    which episode?

  • EZC Phantom
    EZC Phantom

    That looks disgusting

  • Born Again Blessed
    Born Again Blessed

    You should make the chocolate cake from matilda

  • Breakfastberg

    Guy has a snoop dogg scale you’d buy at a smoke shop

  • ComicSams

    I half expected Babish to make pasta dough and, instead of running it through the pasta roller, just boil the ball of dough 😂

  • PS Its Frosty
    PS Its Frosty

    Ore gano


    Should of saved this cursed Italian dish for Halloween

  • Shyene Lainhart
    Shyene Lainhart

    I got a babish ad on this vid lol

  • Appladay

    I can do better

  • Dharun R
    Dharun R

    That was ironic

  • ryan reyna
    ryan reyna

    This makes me uncomfortable

  • ItsMeDmt

    I feel bad for saying this but this is the only time I wanted to watch you fail

  • Ph0ton

    I got an ad with Babish in it on this video. We’ve gone full circle

  • Jim N.
    Jim N.

    Who's got a kitchen big enough for that battleship-size board?! I live in a cupboard!

  • Nolan Bennett
    Nolan Bennett

    The spagballs need to be made from scratch like dumplings.

  • Joshua Vásquez
    Joshua Vásquez

    This should be illegal

  • Michael C
    Michael C

    Where is the cutting board made?

  • WhippySpoosledorf

    That's not irony

  • Orachon Krekula
    Orachon Krekula

    This is pain

  • ☆Khurious☆

    Reminds me of Troom Troom

  • Mike Saperstein
    Mike Saperstein

    What if you baked the spag-balls and pan seared the flattened meat?! Feel like that might help with the texture and flavors

  • Jack Hickey
    Jack Hickey

    This is so cursed

  • S. Wu
    S. Wu

    I remember in Phineas and Ferb, Linda tried to make a giant Meatball with all of the Pasta ingredients in it. Maybe that could yield better results (but maybe subtract the meatball’s gigantic size)?

  • SD45-2 Foamer
    SD45-2 Foamer

    I know its just reverse spaghetti but this looks foul

  • Andrew B4344
    Andrew B4344

    I really got a ad with this man in it before his own video

  • shimmyking4

    Babish: *Pronounces Oregano as O-ray-gah-no* Me: *VINDICATION!*

  • nknerfdart

    Meat-Ghetti looks disgusting

  • Lars Andersen
    Lars Andersen

    I was thinking the spagballs could be like spaghettidough-based stuffed treats? Like, dough mixed with like cheese and tomatosauce and spices, rolled into a ball and boiled? I dunno, I'm not a chef-guy, get off my back!

  • Garnet Universe
    Garnet Universe

    Do moxies drink please! I don’t even know what half the stuff in there is but that would be awesome!

  • Héctor Quezada
    Héctor Quezada


  • The dilettante Gamer
    The dilettante Gamer

    this hurts my soul, still love you the Babish.

  • YoteyYotey

    "spag-ball" sounds like a slur

  • Fisher Zhao
    Fisher Zhao

    3:30 Yes this is a Breaking Bad episode

  • Orph280

    Thats irony

  • Leo

    3:22 it is the first time i see a precision scale for cooking actual food

  • M V
    M V

    Still looking for rolling pin

  • Snugly Wolfy
    Snugly Wolfy

    You have mama'd your last mia

  • David Stanley
    David Stanley

    Thanks, I want to die now