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Babish Culinary Universe
Babish Culinary Universe

Binging with Babish is the realization of a young(ish) man's dream to combine his love of film and cooking, and to have some fun in the process. Join us each week as we recreate the foods you've always wanted to try in movies and television - and if you're not careful, you just might learn a thing or two.

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  • Suraj Saju
    Suraj Saju

    You have put the wrong filter for Mexico

  • Amaionnaise

    Amazing job! I love your videos! Awesome videos!!! Your food looks absolutely delicious!

  • Keysean_ Price
    Keysean_ Price

    Can you make pretty patties from spongebob? 🍔

  • Brooke Breckenridge
    Brooke Breckenridge

    Weird to me to think that elk meat is exotic to him lol, that’s just a harvest from hunting season every year

  • Amedeo Films
    Amedeo Films

    Now I’m hungry, I need to stop watching these videos when I haven’t eaten in a while. :(

  • Gustavo P. Rivas
    Gustavo P. Rivas

    Greetings from Nayarit! Our state is small but so beautiful <3

  • Mark Angelbuer
    Mark Angelbuer

    amazing, def more of these!

  • Amaionnaise

    That’s looks delicious! Amazing job! Awesome video I love your channel!!

  • Amaionnaise

    That looks delicious! Amazing job! Awesome video! I live for your channel!

  • cliff cox
    cliff cox

    I just made the first version tonight and it was the best meatloaf I've made and got compliments. I did not have a carrot, so used more celery and onion, omitted basil cause I did not have. Also added MSG which im sure pumped up the flavor.

  • We Lucky Few
    We Lucky Few

    Is there a way to make suggestions for videos? Or does he just do what he feels like and is sponsored to do?

  • Sean Newton
    Sean Newton

    Do spirited away

  • Sean Newton
    Sean Newton

    Do spirited away

  • Sean Newton
    Sean Newton

    Do spirited away

  • That Ol Stubborn Naked Snake
    That Ol Stubborn Naked Snake

    its sausage time

  • darexinfinity

    Replace the Brie with cinnamon sugar, you're welcome.

  • Oskaqu

    You should totally make the hooty sleeping nettle cookies from Owl house season 2, “knock-knock a knocking at hooty’s door”!!!

  • Ben Lawver
    Ben Lawver

    He said he wasn't in the mood for spicy which to me means he just couldn't get the spices right.

  • tren van
    tren van

    You must have an awesome security team :) kudos to them.

  • SimplyyNic

    Making chocolate “remember where it came from” sounds like something phoebe would do

  • soph ie
    soph ie

    “Tea vat” 😐 OK

  • bob jones
    bob jones

    This dish is Israeli right?

  • Lala Booboo
    Lala Booboo

    Love this series. I learn so much every time I watch a Pruébalo episode.

  • Josh Hayes
    Josh Hayes

    The blue-ish tone of the thumbnail makes the tortillas look mouldy in all honesty...

  • Jerry Biehler
    Jerry Biehler

    That corn had more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Getting some protein with that corn!

  • kutty superfast
    kutty superfast

    Crane Division.

  • THCLover81

    i love Ricks Chile Colorado recipe that stuff is FIRE made it for my buddies sisters bday party had a whole home of Hispanics dead silent

  • Gnomesaying

    That’s nothing, Phil Leotardo could’ve topped that with his shinebox and a radiator.

  • ofri30

    do the sandvich from tf2 pls

  • Some moth with internet access
    Some moth with internet access


  • villian1470 screwyou
    villian1470 screwyou

    Proper tortillas are made with mesca and water

  • Xx_DeMoN_sLaYeR_xX

    is this a reupload?

  • Rachel Rose
    Rachel Rose

    My brother requests you try to make taco bell crunchwrap

  • Uncle Flansy
    Uncle Flansy

    Andrew's mafia nickname is 'The Sifter'

  • MC Chase
    MC Chase

    The Lasagna one is suicide

  • pandora50

    Your logo looks like Jackson galaxy the cat guy 😁

  • Derek Masuda
    Derek Masuda

    Are you going to give the vichyssoise from Batman Returns its own episode?

  • Christopher Tamer
    Christopher Tamer

    Only 3-plus-change more years until Babish’s jazz album comes out!

  • Zaida Delflor
    Zaida Delflor

    The cheese should be left at low heat or remove the heat since the pan in hot.

  • Josh M
    Josh M

    Not a fan of the direction the channel is headed. Unsubscribing.

  • villian1470 screwyou
    villian1470 screwyou

    My Guatemalan girlfriends family boils them in a broth

  • Brandon Bieber
    Brandon Bieber

    I lost my sales job at the beginning of the pandemic too. I had a dream to become a chef. A year ago I started at a fast food place, worked countless hours and changed kitchens as the opportunities came. Last week I was promoted and given my own kitchen. Hard work pays off

  • Tim & Cecelia Evans
    Tim & Cecelia Evans

    This is my first episode of this show and I’m so confused why he seems so manic like is this what he’s always like or is it the full moon?

  • Brett Johnson
    Brett Johnson

    Wait, why has he got painted nails? Lol

  • No One In Particular
    No One In Particular

    I used to make hand pulled noodles as physical therapy when I was building back strength and dexterity in my hands. It is TOUGH.

  • Mike Napier
    Mike Napier

    I'm writing for have no idea what 2020 holds lol. Flee you fools, flee!

  • Dayshawn Alexander
    Dayshawn Alexander

    Babs is so hot

  • Eric Hollis
    Eric Hollis

    The way he said and then fn curry....

  • Frost 2020
    Frost 2020

    Is it Babish or Badbish??

  • Joe

    this is better than binging

  • Tom Land
    Tom Land

    Your nails are painted????

  • inlovewithJLT

    Absolutely love his series

  • oofoofoof2211

    add milk lol

  • Joel Chocron
    Joel Chocron

    less babish personality more cooking

  • Rex Catston
    Rex Catston

    i would have assumed it would have been some sort of seaweed sorbet as it would explain the translucent properties, as depicted.

  • BardiX Official
    BardiX Official

    Netflix: Are you still watching? Some girl: 3:50

  • I am Your Nytemare
    I am Your Nytemare

    This is probably his shortest video. I wanted to do my own, but I can't now.

  • Gon Freecss
    Gon Freecss

    Did Sora ever try sea salt ice cream?

  • Autumn H
    Autumn H

    LOVE this series! Keep it coming!

  • RSC

    Had to watch this after the botched with babish episode just to calm down

  • Big Butta Tubs
    Big Butta Tubs

    It just hit me babish kinda sounds like a mix of tom from toonami bob from the burgers and joker

  • Jesus Vasquez
    Jesus Vasquez

    "my favorite tv show of all time" - wears FRASIER T shirt, watches Frasier constantly.

  • BradgeTV

    Did this man really say he ran out of "D'oh" ?!

  • Damien

    The box? ‘bout the plastic mate ?

  • Koncha 04
    Koncha 04

    Kangaroo steak!?

  • slingman

    no mustard inthe sauce ????????????????????

  • Rich Heidi
    Rich Heidi

    3:50 The best stovetop

  • Milton Jeronimo
    Milton Jeronimo

    The patties are supposed to be crab thoughhh

  • BewitchCraft

    I love this. The food, the plates and cups. Gorgeous!

  • Its_sweet16_ The random
    Its_sweet16_ The random

    I'm not a fan of dogs

  • Danielle Davis
    Danielle Davis

    Made this. I loved it, my husband loved it. Thank you. Gonna make this one over and over.

  • Rambowcatplays

    Now can you make a cat do it

  • lizziegreeneyes

    Have you ever tried using cabbage leaves in your bamboo steamer - works wonders when steaming dumplings :)

  • DaveDexterMusic

    Ah, Channing Tatum's lesser-known brother, Canning Jars

  • LJ Jam
    LJ Jam

    Bear in a cave

  • Galaxy Gone
    Galaxy Gone

    After making the pizza for days and realising I don't have a pizza oven...

  • Fatima Parra
    Fatima Parra

    Amazing video about jala (my hometown) loved the storytelling of this, Thanks for showing the beauty of this town

  • Matthew Pol
    Matthew Pol

    Love my copy of your cookbook and this is one of my fav recipes. Right next to Snoop Dogg cookbook on my shelf with the best brownie recipe

  • AnimeBoi2007

    Huh I thought Frasier was Andrews favourite TV show.